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Getting Started

    Getting Started

    Get NYP Framework installed on your machine, your project, and learn more about the principles beyond how it is built.


    What is NYP Framework?

    NYP Framework is a front end framework, intended to be integrated directly in your front end workflows. When using NYP Framework and following our principles, we can better ensure consistent user experiences, tested and maintainable code and improved accessibility. Our goal is to allow developers and engineers to spend more time solving complex engineering tasks and less time building and testing their CSS, markup and common JavaScript interactions.

    It's currently focused on providing HTML and CSS, but does utilize some popular Bootstrap plugins for JavaScript interactions. We use Bootstrap plugins because they're well vetted and have pre-existing, maintained ports to other popular JavaScript libraries.

    Installing and running locally


    Node v8.11.4
    npm v5.6.0


    // Install package dependencies
    $ npm install
    // Run local server
    $ npm run serve
    // Build
    $ npm run build